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A few months ago, Alianzas Web Design offered a free website design to one lucky winner. The winner was Expert Travel, a travel agency in Moca, Puerto Rico. It’s owner, Jorge Aznar, was excited to get his website revamped. He already had a website, but he lost contact with his original web designer and his site hadn’t been updated since 2012. So, we met in person and began talking about what he would like to have on his website. Expert Travel’s website was revamped and the results were beautiful! Let’s start at the beginning though.

The Client: Expert Travel

Expert Travel is a travel agency located in the beautiful town of Moca, Puerto Rico. It’s owned by Mr. Jorge Aznar, a 30+ year veteran in the travel industry. Their top three sellers are Orlando, the Dominican Republic and cruises. They have over 3,000 fans in the Facebook page and have sold more than 40,000 packages in their 30+ years in business.

The Challenge

Expert Travel had hired a designer to build their website in 2009. But within a couple of years, Expert Travel’s website designer was no where to be found. As a matter of fact, their website had not been updated since 2012. Mr. Aznar wanted Expert Travel’s website completely revamped and brought into present day technology! It had to be easy to update, since travel offers change constantly. It had to have an option for users to submit Travel Quote Requests, make payments and connect to their very active Facebook page. In addition, it would be nice if it were responsive, so their clients, who are typically traveling, could connect with them thru their mobile unit.

The Solution

Expert Travel’s website was completely revamped. In fact, we started it fresh. After we agreed on a design, color palette and typography, we installed an SSL certificate, so they could offer their clients peace of mind when processing a payment thru their site. In addition, we created and setup a CloudFlare account. We began by telling their story, who they were and how they could help potential customers. In our initial meeting, we learned about the top three destinations they sell the most. With that information, a destination page was created for each. Each page contained information on the destination, images and even videos. In addition, we highlighted the travel offers for that particular destination on the page.

We then went ahead and created a storefront for Expert Travel’s website. In the store, we set up the tags, categories, and payment gateways. One of the client’s requests was that they wanted to be able to receive travel quote requests.  We created a Quote Request form and installed a plugin that would allow users to view a product and add it to the Quote Request form. Another thing we learned during our initial meeting was that things change rather rapidly in the travel industry. A price that is valid today, may not be valid in a week from now. So, Expert Travel didn’t want their customers to add packages to a cart without first knowing the exact price at the time of booking. So, we removed the shopping cart from the store and replaced it with an Add to Quote button. In addition, we forced users to acknowledge that they read the Terms and Conditions before submitting a Quote Request by making this a required field on the Quote Request Form. Expert Travel sent us a little more than a dozen of their offers and we went ahead and added it for them. With the storefront all set up and the pages designed, we started on all our other extras.

We created a CloudFlare account.  CloudFlare is a free service that accelerates and secures your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and host servers. With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious visitors, save bandwidth and reduce average page load times. We also installed other security measures on the Expert Travel’s website as well as daily backups.

Expert Travel has a very active Facebook page. So much so, that getting customer testimonials for their website was rather easy. They have so many to choose from. Their Facebook page was integrated into their website and viceversa. Not only did we integrate their website with Facebook, but we also created a YouTube channel, where their clients can see videos of some of the amazing travel sites they can customize for them. When all was completed, Alianzas Web Design gave them a terrific, responsive website that looks just as good on mobile as it does on the desktop.

Expert Travel’s Website is Launched

But our relationship didn’t end there. We then created a Google Business account for them and notified the major search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, of the new website as well. Analytics was also installed in order to gain a better understanding of who their visitors are and what they do on the website. This is crucial information for creating a better user experience moving forward. Training is such an important part of a new website. A User Manual was created that outlines all the steps needed to perform several tasks. Alianzas also includes thirty days of maintenance free worry. We handle all the updates, backups. and tweaks.

We are so proud of the work done with this client. They were an amazing team to work with. Here’s a link to Expert Travel’s website. A warning though — We are not responsible for any money you spend on their amazing travel offers! LOL. They are terrific, friendly and very knowledgeable in all things travel-wise.  We hope you will visit their website.


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