Scheduling a Post in Facebook

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Scheduling a post in Facebook? Really? Long gone are the days when you needed to sign into Facebook every time you wanted to post something. This is great news, especially if you are a business owner who wears many hats, including Social Media Manager.

In this post, we will learn:

  • what a Facebook Page is
  • how to create Facebook posts
  • how to schedule posts in Facebook

What is a Facebook Page

As defined by Facebook,  “pages are for brands, businesses, organizations and public figures to create a presence on Facebook, whereas profiles represent individual people. Anyone with an account can create a Page.”  With a Page, you don’t have “friends”. You have “fans”. Pages allow businesses to share their stories, events and products with their “fans”. They are a great way to connect with your customers as well.

If you haven’t created a Facebook Page for your business, I would suggest you do so now. Here’s a link to do so. Create a Facebook Page. Without a Facebook Page, scheduling a post in Facebook is not allowed.

Creating a Facebook Post

The good news is that creating a post on a Facebook page is much like creating a post on your personal Facebook page. You create your post at the top of your Page’s timeline. First, enter your post text. Next, remember, that if you are highlighting your product, you want to include a link to your website so your readers can easily jump over there for more information.  Once you include the link to your website, the images on that website page will show up to be displayed on your Facebook post. You can eliminate the ones you don’t want or add new ones.

If you are not linking to your website, remember to add images to your post for more engagement from your readers. Pictures capture your readers’ attention more so than just words.

Scheduling a Post in Facebook

Next, now that your post is ready, click on the down arrow to the right of the PUBLISH button on the bottom right portion of your post. When you click that, you will see a few options. One of them is Schedule.

Finally, once you click on Schedule, you will be able to select the date and time that you would like to schedule your post. Your PUBLISH button now says SCHEDULE. Press it and you are set. Ready to schedule another post?

Scheduling a post in Facebook is easy, right? I tend to schedule the same post, maybe changing the text a little, for several different dates and times in order to show up on my readers’ timeline when they access their Facebook app. It’s really important to remember that not everyone will see your post when you post it on Tuesday at 4pm, for example. Some people won’t be online then. So, you will need to schedule it for other dates and times as well. You want to try to post when your readers are more likely to be online.

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How has creating a Facebook Page helped your business? Have you put into practice scheduling posts? Scheduling a post in Facebook is a task I do in bulk. When I sit down to schedule a post in Facebook, I do several of them in one sitting. It makes better use of my time to bulk this task.

As is the case with all of our posts, feel free to share it with someone you think would like to read it. Sharing is caring. Did you like this post? Let us know by giving us a LIKE.



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